The Alexander Technique teacher gently guides the student in simple movements

Alexander Technique individual lessons

Alexander Technique lessons focus on helping you to improve the way that you use yourself in everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking and bending. The Alexander Technique teacher uses gentle guidance with his/her hands to help you become more aware of habitual patterns of tension so that you can move with greater ease and efficiency. In this way the student learns a new and more efficient way of moving which puts less pressure on the spine and encourages free, natural breathing. Gradually you become able to make these changes for yourself without the assistance of the teacher. After the lesson, the student often has a sense of lightness and ease or freedom in movement along with a quieter and calmer state of mind.

The number and frequency of lessons depends on your own needs and aims. The teacher will discuss this with you at your first lesson and suggest a suitable approach. As the Alexander Technique involves changing patterns of muscular tension which have been developing over a long period, the most effective way of learning is to have a course of lessons over a period of time. As your ability to use the technique for yourself is limited at the start of the course of lessons, it is a good idea to have the early lessons twice weekly, if possible, and certainly at least once a week. As a general guide, most people need 20-25 lessons to reach a stage where they can continue to make progress without the assistance of a teacher. However, it is possible to get good results with fewer lessons.

The lessons last for 40 minutes and cost $60. No special clothing is required as long as normal movement is not restricted.

Cancelling lessons

When you book lessons, you personally are allocated 40 minutes of the teacher’s time (unlike some other practitioners who book more than one person per time slot to allow for cancellations). So if you can’t make the lesson, please let us know at least the day before or pay a cancellation fee of $30 to compensate us for our lost time.