Lessons in the Alexander Technique have long-term benefits for chronic back painClinical Research BMJ 19 August 2008

What is Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a method for learning to move more naturally and efficiently, reducing stress and pain.

Young children often have a poise and grace which means they move easily and without strain. However there are few adults who continue to have this natural ease of movement because most people develop habits of excessive tension and poor posture which interfere with their natural co-ordination.

The way the muscles work in movement is affected by a subtle relationship between the head, the neck and the back. When we interfere with this relationship we create distortion and strain which may then lead to problems such as headaches, backache, OOS (or RSI), stiff neck and shoulders or a sense of being “out of touch” with our bodies.

The Alexander Technique helps you develop efficient and balanced co-ordination, leading to improved posture, improved performance and prevention of pain. It is used by a wide range of people to address particular problems or just to improve awareness, co-ordination and wellbeing.

Here is an informative and creative introductory video on the Alexander Technique