Alexander Technique group courses and individual lessons

Introductory evening courses tailored to you and your friends

You can get together with your friends and we can organise a course for you if there are between 3 and 5 people altogether. During the introductory courses, common everyday activities such as sitting, standing, lying down and walking are used to illustrate the Alexander Technique. The teachers will demonstrate aspects of light and efficient movement by gently guiding you with their hands as you move.

Introductory course for musicians

In addition to exploring movement generally, which is beneficial to all musicians, this course examines the way that an instrument or the voice can be performed with reduced strain and improved facility.

Introductory course for people with OOS or RSI

This course explores ways of moving that put less strain on the neck, back and arms (including shoulders, wrists, fingers).
Costs and times:

Two 1-hour sessions. Cost: (shared between you and your friends) $190.
To book, Tel (027) 511 8823

Individual lessons

Alexander Technique Studio
To book call contact us
Tailored to suit your needs and the activities that cause you strain (e.g. sitting at your desk, carrying your child, playing an instrument, driving, etc.)

Cost $60 for a 40 minute class (also in Kapiti)

All group courses and individual lessons are run by fully qualified Alexander Technique teachers